A- Petit Témis Excursion

The Petit Témis excursion includes three categories and it is carried out between two rivers, namely the St-Lawrence River in the province of Quebec and the St-John River in the province of New Brunswick. This 3-to-7-day excursion takes place along the wonderful Appalachian mountain range and can be practiced year-round, in all kinds of weather, on a breathtaking 135-kilometer circuit, to which 70 kilometers will be added on the extension of the bike trail from Edmundston to Grand Falls. The main Oasis Information Centre of the Lac Témis BP Sports Oasis, from Rivière-du-Loup, Edmundston or Grand Falls, is located near the bike trail; the Acadian and Orléans Express bus lines are available, as well as taxis and car rental services for your transportation to and from the excursion.

The Petit Témis excursion circuit starts in the town of Rivière-du-Loup (RDL) in the province of Quebec, Canada, at the Tourist Information Bureau near the bike trail of the old Témiscouata Railway Company, which is now the Petit Témis Inter-provincial Linear Park, and ends at the “Halte du Pavillon de l’Estacade” in the City of Edmundston, the legendary Madawaska Republic, in the province of New Brunswick. You can participate in the excursion in your choice: biking, kayaking, canoeing and hiking. 

The circuit consists of 70 km of biking on a mountainous terrain among the Appalachian chain of mountains, starting in RDL and ending at the Cabano campground, where you can stay (upon reservation) for twenty-four hours in the wonderful Ingall Fort (historical site built in 1839). Then, 15 km of kayaking or canoeing on wonderful Lake Témiscouata in the direction of the Notre-Dame beach camping site for twenty-four hours, namely a visit of the village.  Then, 15 km in a kayak or canoe to the Dégelis camping site located in the new Témiscouata National Park and reseved for outdoor sports enthusiasts.  On the last day, 35 km of canoeing or kayaking on the Madawaska River right up to the NB Botanical Garden rest area for a few hours of rest and a chance to visit this splendid garden before ending your excursion at the Fortin du P'tit Sault (historical site built in 1841). Please note that kayaking and canoeing may be replaced by hiking or biking.

During their excursion on the bike trail or the Madawaska River, all other excursionists must plan to take a break for a few hours at the wonderful New Brunswick Botanical Garden located at a distance of ten kilometers from the Marina 'Pavillon de l'Estacade'.