G- Bellevue Excursion

The Bellevue excursion spans a distance of 35 kilometers on one of the many mountains of the Appalachian mountain range. The expedition can be done on a mountain bike or the route may be used as a hiking trail. However, bikes have the right-of-way and pedestrians must let them pass whenever they hear some noise or someone asking them so step aside. This hiking trail is 4 kilometers both ways and brings you to the Bellevue panoramic viewpoint where you have a superb view of the Madawaska River valley which was used, at the beginning of the 19th century, to transport wood to the Fraser Paper mill. This excursion includes 5 questions about various landscapes that can be seen from that viewpoint. In the winter, this same trail is used for snowshoeing. This mountain is located near the city of Edmundston between two rivers, namely the Saint John River and the Madawaska River. The excursion starts at the parking lot located on Nadeau Street, on top of Bellevue Street in the direction of the excursion. All along the journey, you will often marvel at the magnificent scenery on both sides of the mountain. On one side, a view of the Saint John River that separates the town of Madawaska in the State of Maine from the town of Edmundston in New Brunswick; and on the other side of the mountain, you will see the Madawaska River that passes through the city of Edmundston, capital of the legendary Republic of Madawaska.

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