Dear Readers:

As project promoter, it is my pleasure to present the three aspects of this public interest project, namely economic, tourism and humanitarian, on which I have been working, against all odds, with the help of my wife, Yvette, since 2007. And all this was done without asking any financial help from the government since this project is self-financing due to a great deal of elaboration and inspiration work.

Consequently, I am offering the three levels of government an opportunity to participate in the realization of this wonderful economic project. Namely, by providing only a spark of political will in order to make this tourist project available to 10 million baby boomers in Canada, as well as our American neighbors, who have now retired and are looking for outdoor activities. However, at this stage, I would ve very grateful to get some financial aid rfom the government to organize this wonderful project that will boost the economy of the region, with the tourist attraction of  the famous Kim's game.

So, here is the Sportsoasis, which is located partly in the legendary Republic of Madawaska, home of the "brayons" eaters of the famous "ployes", a place where vacationers forget their everyday worries while participating in one or more outdoor excursions with Kim’s game. (The objective is to develop your observation and memory skills.) These excursions take place in the wonderful Appalachian Mountains, from Rivière-du-Loup, QC, to Grand Falls, NB.

Consequently, you will experience beneficial and unforgettable moments for a better physical, mental and spiritual health.

Taking into consideration all the circumstances ensuing from the preparation of this wonderful project, which I consider positive for the entire Oasis sector, you are invited to participate in a survey under the Biography tab after you have read about this project.

Donald G. Plourde

Don et Yvette







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